February Special ~ ALL Furniture Rentals 50% OFF 2nd Month Rental Fees!

Take Advantage of our February SPECIAL on ALL Furniture rentals…50% OFF the 2nd month of rental!

Will you be listing a home in February or early March that will need furniture:

  • Vacant Listing……..Furniture for Key Rooms to be Staged  ~~ OR ~~
  • Occupied Listing…Supplementing Furniture for Impact Staging

All 60 Day Stagings will enjoy a SAVINGS of 50% OFF the 2nd Month for Furniture Rental!

SHOWCASE your listing and ENJOY the SAVINGS!
Order by 2/29 & Deliver by 3/15

Home Staging Packages for Vacant Homes!

Sensational Home Staging is pleased to announce a new home staging option.  In addition to our Custom Home Staging we are now offering Home Staging “Packages” for Vacant Homes!

  • 3 Rooms – Living Room-Dining Room & Kitchen
    • ONLY $1975 for 60 Days
  • 5 Rooms – Living Room-Dining Room-Master Bedroom-Master Bath & Kitchen
    • ONLY $2575 for 60 Days

These Packages are affordable and well suited for homes or condos up to 2500 sq/ft.

Don’t let a property sit NAKED…dress it up with a Home Staging Package! Visit our Vacant Home Staging Photo Gallery for before and after examples.

Call 925.413.9131 or contact Sensational Home Staging TODAY to reserve your Home Staging Package!